Hip Hop Style Clothing for Men

July 21, 2016
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Method a couple of: Dressing Just like a Rapper For Males

  1. Obtain a baggy shirt. Most stylish-hop and rap style trends involve baggy or loose clothing that's comfortable.
    • Basketball jerseys, especially vintage ones, are extremely popular.
    • Loose t-t shirts with graphic prints are frequently featured by stylish-hop designers for example Sean John and Wu Put on.
    • Baggy polo t shirts and button downs will also be fashionable.
    • Large hoodies in vibrant colors are extremely well-liked by rap and stylish-hop stars.
    • Individuals who put on these frequently tuck right in front from the shirt and allow the back loose if they're putting on an artist belt.

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  2. Put on baggy jeans. These shouldn't be so baggy that you simply can't call at your footwear.
    • Make certain you are able to allow the tongues of the footwear show.
    • Jeans like South Pole and Mecca are great for this.
    • Jeans which are too large and baggy could be organized having a belt. Devices that are adorned with gemstones or designs are most widely used in stylish-hop fashion.
  3. Put on a jacket. You will find several kinds of jackets which are popular in stylish-hop fashion.
    • 90's style Starter jackets work great to have an old-school type stylish hop look.
    • Stars like 50 cent made the Pelle Pelle style leather jacket extremely popular.
    • Military fatigue jackets will also be suggested by stylish-hop stylists.Image titled Dress Like a Rapper Step 4 Emcees like DMX used these.
  4. Place the bandana in your mind and also the hat outrageous from it.
    • You are able to put on the brim of the hat facing forward in order to the rear or side.
    • Try to obtain a bandana inside a vibrant color, and put on it tied just like a skullcap so that you can fit a hat regarding this.
    • Do-rags will also be popular headgear in stylish-hop fashion.
  5. Put on jewellery. This really is known as jewelry or ice in stylish hop fashion.
    • Large gold or platinum chains are popular, particularly with large crosses.
    • Put on rings which are gold or platinum with diamonds or gemstones inside them for many expensive.
    • Grills are extremely well-liked by emcees. They are caps metallic for the teeth. Obtaining a full grill can be quite costly.
    • If you cannot manage to cover all your teeth having a gold grill then begin with covering a couple of teeth.Image titled Dress Like a Rapper Step 5 When most people cover a couple of teeth they often get their initials withdrawn from the cap.
  6. Acquire some oversize shades (also known as stunner shades). They are extremely popular among rap artists.
    • Typically the most popular styles have square frames.
    • Some fashionable labels are Adidas and Sean John.
    • Lots of stunner shades have colorful sides and therefore are studded for many "jewelry".
  7. Put on the best shoes. High tops and boots are typically the most popular kinds of rapper shoes.
    • Brands like Vlados, Nike, Reebok, Adidas, Jordan and Timberland are extremely popular and ought to be the brands you select from.
    • Stylish-hop high-top athletic shoes are worn using the tongues out.
    • It is important to keep the footwear crisp and vibrant for stylish-hop style.


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