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September 10, 2015
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1950s mens hats

nineteen fifties Mens Hat

The 1950’s were a lot of fun for men’s hats. After 2 decades of little alternation in style or variety the 1950’s came moving along with splashes of color and fun new shapes. Little did they already know this could end up being the last decade of males putting on hats as needed fashion. It had been both golden age and also the finish of the age for males in hats.

Hats from the nineteen fifties – Fedora or Trilby Hat

This old hat style never went of favor but old blue eyes, Frank Sinatra, certainly assisted ensure that it stays in fashion through the 1950’s. He used all kinds of fedoras however it was his late 1950’s stingy brim fedora that actually designed a lasting impression on hat history. Today the stingy brim fedora is amazingly well-liked by fashionable teenagers just like it had been within the 50’s and 60’s.

  • Colors: Brown, Tan, Eco-friendly, Blue, Gray, Black
  • Material: Fur felt or woven hay
  • Shape: Center crown crease, usually pinch front
  • Brim: Narrow brim, progressively narrower because the 50’s advanced.1950s mens hat Brim switched lower in-front or more at sides having a deep show up behind. A narrow fedora brim is frequently known as a Stingy brim.
  • Band: Solid Petersham or silk ribbon colors that compared using the hat like a eco-friendly band on the gray hat. Flat bow quietly frequently with feather accent. Late 50’s introduced in thin leather bands or felt bands to complement the hat body and knotted rather than a bow. Hat brim was either unlined to lined in matching Petersham ribbon.

nineteen fifties Porkpie Hats

The most popular 1940’s mens hat returns within the nineteen fifties with increased colors and much easier, more refined style. It went of favor through the mid 1950’s aside from the hay hat version which remained popular with the 1960’s.

  • Colors: Light browns, olive-eco-friendly
  • Material: Fur felt or hay
  • Shape: Short, oblong flat top with deep crease around oblong
  • Brim: Flat brim throughout or slightly curled just behind
  • Band: Wide grosgrain or silk ribbon with flat bow or twist tie
  • Style: Worn in an position

nineteen fifties Hay Hats

Hay hats arrived different shapes and natural colors much like their felt cousins did. The initial characteristics about 1950’s hay hats were within the bold and colorful hats bands. Wide silks and grosgrain laces and ribbons in bold stripes, inspections and geometric print designs matched up the colorful suits 1950’s males were putting on.

  • Colors: Natural yellow hay, beached whitened hay and shades of coconut browns
  • Material: Thick, thin, natural and artificial hands-woven straws
  • Shape: Just like felt types. Usually more brim right in front and fewer within the back for sun shading
  • Brim: Many curved towards the back, some towards the front
  • Band: Wide silk ribbon at the begining of 50’s, thinner silk ties in later 50’s
  • Style: Worn just like felt types.
  • Pictured left: Hay Boater, Hay Fedora, Hay Trilby, Hay Porkpie
Style: Centered on head with a slight tilt forward in the early 50’s. Centered on head with a tilt back in the later 50’s. 1950s mens hat 1950's straw hats 1950s men hat tweed walking hat
Source: vintagedancer.com
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