1984 fashion trends

August 28, 2020
30 things from 1984 that are
1984 saw probably the most influential wardrobe collections in our time - Vivienne Westwood's 'Hypnos' collection. Famous on her excellent capability to predict trends, Hypnos was the very first ever 'sportswear' collection, even venturing to feature trainers around the runway.

Even though this collection appeared totally trivial at that time, the Sportswear Fashion industry is just about the leading trend from the our generation, with sports brands across the high roads and filling our shopping tabs online.

And in 1984, John Galliano finished Central Saint Martins together with his famous collection 'Les Incroyables', that was featured within the home windows of Browns.

Les IncroyablesGalliano's career ongoing to develop, eventually relocating to Dior in 1996, where he created some beautiful clothes which are still gems even today.

Another 1984 fashion star was Jean Paul Gaultier, who produced an orange velvet conical bra dress. The silhouette grew to become certainly one of Gaultier's most legendary pieces, because it was worn by Madonna in 1990.

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"CANALE MODA" 1983 1984 - Parte 6 by FashionChannel
"CANALE MODA" 1983 1984 - Parte 6 by FashionChannel
"CANALE MODA" 1983 1984 - Parte 4 by FashionChannel
"CANALE MODA" 1983 1984 - Parte 4 by FashionChannel
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