Wiz Khalifa style of clothing

June 29, 2015
With Wiz Khalifa s style
The 'Black and Yellow' rapper takes fashion as seriously as his music and revealed he was inspired by urban street kids throughout his travels who trained him to become more unbiased on how to dress.

He stated: ''I resided in Japan after i was 13. I frolicked using the Filipino kids plus they used wide-leg JNCO jeans and dyed their head of hair. Then, after i resided in Oklahoma throughout junior high school, I had been around lots of People in mexico and skaters. This is where the Americana style originated from, the Dickies and also the Levi's and also the Chucks or Vans. Traveling certainly opened up my thoughts. It put me in various categories of people where I could merge.''

Meanwhile, the 27-year-old star - whose real title Cameron Jibril Thomaz - is adamant he will not put on exactly the same clothes all day long while he is ''serious'' about fashion and loves to have multiple outfit changes to choose his mood.

He described: ''When you are taking your clothing serious, you've various appearances during the day. Who wants to be laying around within the same clothes all day long. It isn't about ­competing or wearing the ­tightest s**t or even the best s**t it comes down to ­matching your emotions during the day.''

However the 'Go Hard or Go Home' singer acknowledged people may think he's ''crazy'' as he is just indicating themself.

He told Billboard magazine: ''It gives people a feeling of what you are like a person fashion belongs to your expression. Many of the time that it might seem like I am heading out of my way or just being crazy, however ,, I sometimes awaken having a vision of the items I wish to put on, and I'll do whatever I must do to accomplish this. I wish to be as comfortable as you possibly can, as well as put on brands which i enjoy.''

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(WIZ KHALIFA STYLE BEAT) Mr Jazzy Bubblez - Solid Clothes
(WIZ KHALIFA STYLE BEAT) Mr Jazzy Bubblez - Solid Clothes
wiz khalifa clothing style 2015
wiz khalifa clothing style 2015
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