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February 17, 2017
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Muji, Ginza, Tokyo, JapanBeams is really a Japanese clothing brand that has been available since 1976 and today includes several large shops and has some stores overseas. The company is renowned for its cute clothing which has the greatest quality. Beams offers quite a number of clothing together with custom customized pieces. Ideal for women, males and kids.

A modern day and world-famous millinery, CA4LA (pronounced ka-shi-ra) has stores throughout Japan and opened up their first store overseas in the year 2006. They offer modern, fashionable and different hats. Ideal for women, males and kids.

Hysteric Glamour is definitely an edgy designer label using the theme of sixties media. Their T-t shirts, tops etc. feature graphics from things like classic bands and old cars. Ideal for males and ladies.

Ginza Uniqlo flagship store, Tokyo, Japan

Muji has stores around the globe and it is especially noted for its quality home items at inexpensive price points. Muji goods are usually plain and simple, modern and become ethically acquired. Additionally they carry lines of clothing and beauty and health necessities. An excellent one-stop-shop for the entire family.

An progressively popular handbag brand, Samantha Thavasa bags happen to be endorsed by such celebs as Beyonce and Jennifer Lopez. The baggage are usually girly and cute, with a lot of versions to select from each season. An excellent Japanese brand for youthful women.

Yoshida &lifier Co. are a top quality and upmarket bag and add-ons brand. They offer bags created using the very best materials and technology and therefore are specific towards both males and ladies.

World-famous label Hello Cat produces from clothes to chocolate to toilet comes. Ideal for ladies and children alike, you`re certain to find anything you like having a Hello Cat design.

Japanese casual clothing brand Uniqlo has rapidly be a huge, worldwide title. Uniqlo`s simple, well-designed clothing is affordable and practical, making certain their growing success worldwide. An outlet which has something for the entire family, without emptying your wallet.

Source: enablejapan.com
Japanese Yukata store - 浴衣屋さんに入ってみた^^
Japanese Yukata store - 浴衣屋さんに入ってみた^^
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