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March 24, 2017
Nicole Miller

And So I see all of this really awesome searching women's clothing keeps appearing within the bioware store. And That I get super excited. After which I begin to see the dimensions.

I'm able to enter into a men's 3x what It's my job to want in the store would be the women's clothes. Such as the Cassandra hoodie which was out not long ago, I had been SO freaking excited for this and wishing against all hope it might are available in a minimum of a 3x which i could put on (because it appears women's dimensions run more compact than men's...) But no.

I am pleading you, Bioware. PLEASE. PLEASE make women's clothing in 3x or greater (or look for a partner or something like that who). I help you added a larger dimensions section and that is great and basically it's four men's t-t shirts. Individuals dresses which are for preorder? Want one. The Cassandra hoodie? Wanted it badly. The tights and tank tops? Again, would like to buy, but no reason given that they will not fit me.

And be more in line with dimensions. I acquired the N7 hoodie and N7 hoodie mk-II in a 3x, plus they fit great. Even loose. However when I consider the size charts between men's t-t shirts and women's t-t shirts, when i stated earlier the women's run more compact. So to allow them to fit I'd need to order a size-up. Meaning even when you probably did ask them to in 3x, I'd most likely require a 4x for this to suit properly.

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Nice women clothes in a store 2
Nice women clothes in a store 2
Nice Women Clothes in a Store
Nice Women Clothes in a Store
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